31. December 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report December: Last inspection of the cattle and bird market

Bodzentyn cattle market. Our team is talking with the traders.

Bodzentyn cattle market. There are not many animals sold here in December.

During our inspection in December, we only count about 100 cattle offered for sale at the market. Most of them are young animals. Even though the price for cattle is very low at the moment, there are not many interested buyers. Many animals will return to their original farms after the market closes. On both markets, the cattle and the bird market, our team does not observe any animal welfare violations in December.  

Our controls in December 2021 also mark the end of our animal market inspections in Poland. Our team has been present at the markets every week for more than ten years. Our work and persistent presence at the market led to many animal welfare improvements in the region of Bodzentyn. We have not seen injured nor emaciated animals for a very long time. Moreover, we witnessed a substantial decrease in the numbers of animals being sold at the markets since 2018. Furthermore, the conditions of transporting vehicles improved a lot during last couple of years too. We are happy to have achieved many improvements for the animals. Our team will continue to help animals in need in the region through our Farm Animal Service.