23. April 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report April: Animal Markets

Due to the subsidies for owning farm animals, it is mostly calves, and young heifers that are being sold at the Bodzentyn cattle market.

Bodzentyn bird market. Pigeons and different ornament birds are being sold every Sunday.

These animals are very valuable to their owners. Therefore, they are transported in a proper way.

Our team inspects the cattle market in Bodzentyn. Since the beginning of the governmental subsidies for farm animal owners, mainly calves and young heifers are being sold at the market. The average number of 200 to 300 animals remains stable during the market days in April.

This month, our team decides to inspect the bird market that seems to be growing in popularity in the region. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the birds are sold every Sunday now. The market offers mostly pigeons and other ornaments birds. These animals are of great value to their owners. Therefore, the birds are kept and transported in a proper way. This is very different for other types of birds, like meat or egg producing chickens where our team often documents severe animal welfare violations.

Also, this time our team witnesses that chickens are packed in groups into plastic bags. We explain the traders the related animal welfare problems. They even agree with us, but they do not want to invest in cardboard boxes with holes which would be a safe way of transporting the animals ensuring that they are provided with enough air.

A couple of month ago there was a sign informing the market visitors about the proper means of transport for chickens. We notice that the sign disappeared. We will forward the documented animal welfare violations to the mayor of Bodzentyn and the veterinary inspection.