31. August 2020

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report August: Cattle and Horse Markets

Lagow. For unknown reasons the market is closed today.

Bodzentyn. This month we do not see any injured or neglected animals at the cattle market.

Bodzentyn. Again, there are no horses being sold at the horse market.

Our team is on their way to the cattle market in Lagow. We want to inspect the market for animal welfare violations. When we arrive, we are surprised to find out that the entrance to the market is closed. The market is not operating today. However, we cannot find out why. We will look into this and continue with our animal welfare inspections as soon as the market is operating again.

Next, our team is driving to Bodzentyn to inspect the horse market. Like in the previous months, there are no horses being sold here today only people selling farm equipment.  

The situation at the cattle market looks different. During our inspection of the cattle market in Bodzentyn, we count about 150 animals. The animals are mostly well-kept young cattle. This month there are no animal welfare violations to report on the Bodzentyn cattle market.