31. October 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Cattle market Bodzentyn

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Our team arrives at 6.10am at the cattle market at Bodzentyn and immediately receives information about a tragic accident that just happened at the market. A trader got injured by a cow that jumped from the truck, certainly in panic and fear from the steep unloading ramp. The ambulance arrived shortly after, but we were informed later that he died due to the injuries.

Today mainly cows are offered for slaughter, due to the low milk prices and the bad harvest. From Bodzentyn there are many supervisors at the market, the veterinarian and two official vet inspectors from Kielce. Our team informs the official vets about a cow with deep injuries.

The official vets are inspecting a high number of vehicles and the transport conditions and find a lying cow in one truck. She gets up and walks, but again lays down shortly after. The vet examines her and finds circulatory problems, but no fewer. The official vets give order to transport her to the slaughterhouse, where she should be emergency killed on the truck. She is transported on a thick straw bedding and no other cattle is allowed on the truck. Our team trails the transporter, together with the veterinarian, to the slaughterhouse to ensure that she is immediately slaughtered on the truck.

In both cases the vet inspection will start legal procedures against the keeper and transporters of the cows.

At the end of the market our team has an unusual rescue to do. Underneath a big transporter are two kittens that must have been travelled unintentionally to the market. The supervisors from Bodzentyn prevent the transporter from leaving the market until we managed to catch the frightened kittens.