27. March 2021

Italy | Altedo | Inspection of a lamb transport from Romania

The drinkers are not suitable for lambs. The animals cannot access any water without assistance.

The police is inspecting the truck with lambs from Romania.

Thirsty lambs on their journey to the slaughterhouse.

Our team, accompanied by three members of the Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT), are following a truck from Romania that is in violation of the EU live transport regulation. Therefore, we call the police to stop the truck. At 3:45 p.m. the police manages to stop the transporter in Altedo. The police officers immediately know how to act and call an Italian official veterinarian to join the inspection.

The three MEPs, Tilly Metz, Caroline Roose, and Thomas Waitz from the GREEN party, are shocked by the transport conditions. Some lambs are already apathetic due to exhaustion. At this point, we do not know what punishment the authorities have imposed on the transporter. We will request the inspection report from the police to find out more.