08. April 2020

Hungary, Slovenia, Israel | Lamb exports by sea to non-European countries

Hungarian lambs after their arrival in the Israeli port of Haifa (Copyright: IALS).

Together with our partner organisation, Israel Against Live Shipments (IALS), we are documenting the export of Hungarian lambs to Israel. Our team finds out that on March 31, 2020 the Hungarian lambs will first be transported by truck to the Slovenian port of Koper.

In this port, the animals, which are between four and five months, are being loaded togehter with Hungarian calves onto a 40-year-old live stock carrier named Julia L.S. The lambs stay on board Julia L.S for almost a week until they arrive in the Israeli port of Haifa on April 8th.

After their arrival in Israel, our partners IALS are able to film the transport of the animals from the port of Haifa to the quarantine stables. The young sheep will stay there for another eight days until they are again loaded onto and transported to feedlots for fattening.