26. July 2018

Germany | Osnabrück | Training on road inspections on the A 30

Checking on a transporter with pigs on board destined for slaughter.

The beak of every animal has been shortened.

We are checking on a transport loaded with calves.

The turkeys have to remain in this position for several hours which is legally allowed.

During road inspections on the highway A 30 nine animal transports loaded with Turkeys, chicken, pigs, calves and horses are inspected. A transporter is on the way to The Netherlands to load mink for a mink farm in Greece. There are concerns about the crates and loading conditions and thus we inform Eyes on Animals (NL), who right away send a team to the place of loading and have the the official veterinarians involved.

The transport conditions of the animals inspected today are generally in conformity with the legislation on animal transport, beside a couple of vehicle deficiencies that are penalized. Unfortunately the legislation for the protection of animals during transport is absolutely insufficient to protect poultry. A revision of the existing legislation is imperative.