25. June 2021

Germany: Federal Council decides to continue with cruel live transports

Preview press release in German. English version available as download.

It could have been a historic day for animal welfare. Germany had the chance to set new standards and to become a pioneer in the EU. A committee proposal was submitted to the Federal Council (Bundesrat) for voting. According to the proposal, a ban on the transport of live animals to 17 countries would have become the law. It included countries such as Egypt, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tajikistan, or Turkey. These destination countries have attracted attention in the past when reports from animal welfare organisations and the media have informed about incredible cruelty towards European animals. In addition, wars and riots prevail in several destination countries. These countries cannot guarantee the EU animal welfare requirements.

Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB Zürich) criticise the decision made by the Federal Council as a historical mistake. “The EU live transport regulation calls for the protection of animals up to their destination. The decision of the Federal Council is oblivious to these facts,” explain the two organisations.

Press Release English (PDF)