13. October 2015

France | Animal Transport | File a legal complaint for cruelty to animals

[Translate to English:] Dieses Kalb konnte nicht aus eigenen Kräften gehen und wurde mit Gewalt verladen.

[Translate to English:] Ein anderes schwaches Kalb hat den langen Transport nach Spanien nicht überlebt.

The Tierschutzbund Zürich and the Animal Welfare Foundation bring a charge against the control post in Soppe-le-Bas, France, for cruelty to animals. Last April we documented that two downer calves from Poland were loaded by force onto a livestock truck. The calves, which were only a few weeks old, were obviously unfit for transport. They should never have been reloaded, but should have been given veterinary assistance. One of the calves died during the 14-hours transport to Spain.
We also observed and filmed other violent actions at this control post. The young calves were kicked, pulled by their tails and ears and beaten on their heads. With the help of a French lawyer, we have now filed a legal complaint so that those responsible are brought to justice.