15. July 2019

Eleven EU-Member States vote for suspension of animal transports during summer

Documentations from our previous investigations show the suffering of the animals during transport in hot weather.

Despite inspectors from, TSB|AWF, Eyes on Animals, Animals Angels and Compassion in World Farming repeatedly showing the EU Commission and Member State (MS) authorities of the horrendous way animals were suffering and dying during transport in the summer (due to the heat and humidity), trade in live animals has continued on and on, largely unchanged. Until this year, finally some MS authorities and their more professional and courageous veterinarians are speaking out and making better decisions.

During the AGRIFISH meeting of Agricultural Ministers on 15th of July in Brussels the issue of long distance transport during hot summer months was discussed. Of the member states, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia and Cyprus were in favour of suspending live animal transports when external temperatures are above 30°C, or are already doing so. The Member States of France, Spain, UK, Portugal and Bulgaria were neutral and regrettably, Romania was not open to discussing any actions.

Already in 2017 the Animal Welfare Foundation sent a complaint against Romania to the EU Commission concerning systematic breaches of the EU Regulation for the protection of animals during transport. The complaint is still pending. We will take again legal steps against Romania , that approved sea transport of 70.000 romanian sheep despite the warnings of the EU Commission.

Press release Eurogroup for Animals