18. November 2018

Belgium | Brussels | Hearing on the implementation of EURegulation 1/2005 in Parliament

[Translate to English:] Vortrag im EU-Parlament durch AWF Projektleiterin Iris Baumgärtner

[Translate to English:] Während des Vortrags, Iris Baumgärtner zeigt Kurzfilm zu typischen Transportverstössen.

[Translate to English:] Vorne links, Gabriel Paun von unserer Partnerorganisation Animals International.

On invitation of MEP Jorn Dohrmann we participate at a hearing on the implementation of the EU Regulation on the transportation of animals and use the chance to critically comment on the Regulation and its enforement.

Dohrmann´s draft report has been published recently and clearly indicates problems and solutions, particularly regarding long distance transport. We hope that a majority of European PArliament will agree on this report. This would be a strong signal to the EU Kommission, who is refusing since many years to make ammendments of the Regulation in regards of  scientific evidence and the need to limit journey times.