20. February 2018

Argentina | Cordoba | General Pico slaughterhouse

[Translate to English:] Ein Pferd mit verletztem Kiefer hat Schwierigkeiten beim Fressen.

[Translate to English:] Pferde beissen sich gegenseitig im überfüllten Pferch.

[Translate to English:] Eine Pferdegruppe mit Ohrmarken.

[Translate to English:] Die meisten Pferde tragen keine Ohrmarken.

Our team visits General Pico horse slaughterhouse near Cordoba. Since our last visit there is still insufficient weather protection. Only one row of holding pens is partly covered by a fabric roof and the majority of the pens are fully exposed to sun and rain. We estimate that there are around 500 horses in total. The horses are very crowded, which results in biting and kicking. Weak and submissive animals have no possibility of retreat in the overcrowded pens. We detect a thin bay gelding who is injured and unable to bear any weight on the left front leg. This horse should have not been transported to the slaughterhouse in the first place, or, if the injury happened during transport, he should have been emergency killed right upon arrival. His presence in the pen area is a serious violation of animal welfare. We observe other horses with neglected hooves and/or injuries. Like during our last visit we notice animals with and without ear tags, which renders traceability of the animals as highly questionable.