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23. October 2017

Poland | Katowice - Żernica | Practical work with ITD Katowice

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The team drives early morning to an inspection place on A4 highway near Gliwice, in order to support inspectors from Katowice Road Transport Inspection (ITD) in their daily work, with focus on animals. Together we inspect 2 pig transports and 1 chicken transport. One transport is correct and can continue without any problems. This driver is…

23. May 2017

Poland | Katowice | Veterinary Inspection training – practice

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Today we are going to a control point at a highway with the first group of participants of our training, to exercise in practice what was discussed yesterday during the theory. ITD (Road Transport Inspectors) are providing their professional and kind help. Two transports are inspected, both national, under 8 hours and carrying pigs. No major…

22. May 2017

Poland | Katowice | Veterinary Inspection training – theory

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Today we are giving a training requested by Regional Veterinary Inspection in Katowice. This is our first training for Veterinary Officials in Poland, we are very happy that our trainings for ITD (Road Transport Inspection) are having such a broad effect. We have a lot of participants: about 100 Veterinary Officials are participating (Regional…

27. April 2017

Germany | Chemnitz | Police training: road inspections

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During the road inspection at the highway A4 nine animal transporters are inspected, among them two private horse transports, cattle transported for slaughter and piglets on journeys exceeding 8 hours for further fattening.

Infringement procedures are started for two transporters. In one of them a divider was not fixed properly and a cow injured…

26. April 2017

Germany | Chemnitz | Police training in Chemnitz

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The traffic police in Chemnitz is very active in the field of livestock inspections and, with support of Dr. Alexander Rabitsch,  AWF could support them with a training on EU Regulation 1/2005. Beside police officers also veterinary inspectors participate and problematic fields of animal transport are discussed, for e.g. the long distance transport…

06. April 2017

Poland | Lublin area | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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The weather is not supporting our work today: we are inspecting animal transports with Road Transport Inspectors in wind, rain and hail. The first stopped truck is empty, documents and construction are OK. The second one, a national pig transport, raises our doubts about loading density, but after careful calculations we see that there are no…

05. April 2017

Poland | Lublin - Kraśnik | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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Another long day on the road with Road Transport Inspection and Veterinary Inspection. The first truck is empty, so we have a look inside a very well equipped long distance swanneck trailer - a great educating opportunity. Next, a short distance transport is a consignment of pigs whose status makes us worried: they are dirty, obviously stressed, we…

04. April 2017

Poland | Lublin - Kraśnik | Police (ITD) training – follow up

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Three animal transports inspected today with Road Transport Inspection. The first truck looked familiar, and indeed it was the same one that we inspected yesterday, with the same driver. We were pleased to see again proper conditions for the animals. The driver only received a warning for incomplete documentation under Art. 4 of Reg. 1/2005. The…

06. March 2017

Poland | Skaryszew | Police (ITD) training - inspections during 1st day of Skaryszew horse market

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After the luxury of 1.5 hours of sleep we are back on the road with ITD (Road Transport Inspection) officers to check on transports leaving the Skaryszew horse market. We witness cases of too big animals transported in too small lorries, trailers in bad technical condition and problematic international transport that leaves the market without…