Investigations by Topics:

30. October 2015

Poland | Bodzentyn | Meeting about the market in Bodzentyn

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The mayor of Bodzentyn invited again traders, the vet inspection Kielce, the veterinarian and our team to discuss developments and problems at the market in Bodzentyn. No one participated from the traders. The representatives of the Vetinspection Kielce are doing regular inspections now and started some administrative and legislative procedures…

26. October 2015

| Poland | Rzeszow | Training of WITD in Rzeszow

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Poland is a milestone for improving the transport of animals: TSB / AWF organize together with Eyes on Animals a training of WITD in Rzeszow, for we could count on Dr. Alexander Rabitsch. Dr. Rabitsch is an expert on animal transport controls in the European Union. At the one-day theoretical training 28 employees WITD and four official…

21. October 2015

Spain | Altorricon | Fattening farms for calves

[Translate to English:] Foto von Kälbern aus Frankreich

Our team visited two farms in Altorricon, Huesca region, in order to find calves that were trailed in July from Germany to Spain. The aim is to document how many of them survived the long distance transport and to see the conditions they are kept in.
Unfortunately we cannot find any of these calves from July, but instead other calves imported from…

13. October 2015

France | Animal Transport | File a legal complaint for cruelty to animals

[Translate to English:] Dieses Kalb konnte nicht aus eigenen Kräften gehen und wurde mit Gewalt verladen.

The Tierschutzbund Zürich and the Animal Welfare Foundation bring a charge against the control post in Soppe-le-Bas, France, for cruelty to animals. Last April we documented that two downer calves from Poland were loaded by force onto a livestock truck. The calves, which were only a few weeks old, were obviously unfit for transport. They should…

19. April 2015

France-Spain | Animal Transports

[Translate to English:] Dieses Kalb hat den langen Transport nicht überlebt.

At midday, the calves from Poland and Lithuania are re-loaded at the control post in France. Instead of the mandatory 24 hours, the calves have only been rested for 18 hours. Our team observes that a calf falls down on the loading ramp, remains on the ground and is pulled back into the stable at its tail. Instead of being treated by a veterinarian,…

18. April 2015

Poland-France | Animal Transports

[Translate to English:] Ein junges, nicht abgesetztes Kalb aus Polen, das nach Spanien transportiert wird.

Our team drives to a control post in France, where unweaned calves are rested and fed on the way from Poland to Spain. In the late afternoon two transporters arrive at the stable, loaded with calves from Poland and Lithuania which are only two to three weeks old. Some still have the umbilical cord. The calves are mooing loudly and licking the metal…

18. April 2015

Turkey | Bursa | First visit of Edemen slaughterhouse

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Today the EonA/AWF team and Dr. Ellen Eser from BSI Schwarzenbek visit Edemen slaughterhouse in Bursa. The owner bought this slaughterhouse seven months ago. We spotted mainly the same problems as in most other Turkish slaughterhouses (no anti-mounting racks, bulls mounting each-other and falling down, slippery floors, open sides of raceway risking…

18. April 2015

Poland-Germany | Trailing of a transport with calves

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At a gas station near Warcaw our team waits for transports with calves from the Baltic States. These calves are sent on the longest journeys in Europe, even though it is not possible to supply them on the vehicle according to the requirements of the EU regulation for the protection of animals during transport.
At 3:30 am the team sees a transporter…

16. April 2015

Argentina | Ayacucho | Farm of Syntex | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Eine Stute versucht in Panik, aus der Fixierbox zu springen.

A camera installed inside the lairage area of Syntex has recorded five hours of the blood drawing process, from 8:00 to 13:00. The video footage shows that the blood is taken from the mares during 10 minutes. Approx. 8 to 10 litres of blood can be taken in 10 minutes. When the extraction is finished, the workers pull out the drain tube forcefully…