Our Guiding Principles

The Tierschutzbund Zürich is an independent, non-profit, and international animal welfare organisation. The Board of Directors as well as the personnel have been engaged in animal protection for many years. The Tierschutzbund initiated the founding of the sister-organisation Animal Welfare Foundation in Germany, in order to be operational within the European Union and internationally. As the protection of animals does not halt at national borders. The protection of animals must be an international effort and can only be successfully implemented through the alliance with other organisations.

The Tierschutzbund works

  • professionally: Only educated and trained personnel is involved
  • crediblly: No project without prior validation, no publication without evidence
  • success oriented: Improvement of the living conditions for animals
  • solution oriented: Sustainable, long-term solutions

The Ethical Principles of the Tierschutzbund Zurich

  • Animals are sentient beings
  • The rights and dignity of the animals are inviolable
  • There is no distinction between animal species
  • There is no moral justification for suffering

The goal of animal welfare is to raise the status of animals, not reduce the status of humanVision.

We dream that

  • Animals are recognize as equal fellow beings
  • Animal rights receive the same importance as human rights
  • An international crisis management for animals in case of i.e. war and natural disasters, becomes self-evident