04. July 2017

Uruguay | Lavalleja | Estancia „Don Alcides“ | Blood farms for hormone production

[Translate to English:] Die in der Eukalyptusplantage gehaltenen Stuten Perdigóns sind sich selbst überlassen.

In the afternoon, we return to the estancia “Don Alcides” where Perdigón keeps some of his mares in large eucalyptus plantations. A pick-up truck with horse trailer is parked on the road near the farmhouse. We start a conversation with the man who is standing by the trailer and find out that he is not involved in the blood business. He is here with two young men who are looking for their Arabian mare in the forest, which they had brought here for grazing. He just borrows his trailer for the transport of the mare. One of the young men works for Enrique Riverón, who is Perdigón’s foreman. The driver tells us that the mares grazing in this forest are used for blood collection. He further explains that they are covered by stallions and after some time an abortion is induced.

Finally, the two young men come back with their Arabian mare. They are not willing to talk to us and leave immediately after loading the horse.