05. June 2021

Spain | Murica | Inspection of fattening farms

A French bull in Spanish feedlot.

French bulls in Spanish feedlots. They are being fattened before they are exported by sea to third countries.

One of the biggest fattening farms in the Spanish region of Murcia.

Our team is investigating several fattening farms together with our partner organisation, Animals International, and two Members of the European Parliament: Thomas Waitz, and Caroline Roose. Spain is the biggest exporter of cattle and the second biggest exporter of sheep to third countries in the EU. Spain exports most animals by sea.

We inspect three fattening farms in total. The animals on these fattening farms are mainly French and Spanish. The animals are kept in big feedlots or farm pens, some of them are cleaner than others. During our visit, we observe some animals with respiratory problems. The demand for fresh meat will increase in the next weeks since Ramadan is ending soon.  Consequently, all animals will be sent for slaughter in the Middle East, and in North of Africa during the next couple of weeks.