18. October 2018

Poland | Starachowice | Court case

[Translate to English:] Einer von vier Kühen mit eingewachsenem Horn

We are in the court in Starachowice waiting for a judgment regarding four cases of cows with horns ingrown into their heads. We documented these injured animals at Bodzentyn cattle market between August and November 2016. We sent a notification about the offence to the Police. After a few months of collecting evidence and hearing the witnesses, the Police dismissed our complaint. This decision was mainly influenced by a court veterinary expert’s opinion who presented a ridiculous reasoning saying that it is difficult to assess whether animals suffered or not. However, we did not give up and complained against this decision. After being reviewed, the case was sent to the court and the verdict is announced today. All four men are found guilty and must pay a fine of around EUR 530 (2300zł) each. We are satisfied and waiting for the ruling to become legally valid.