21. September 2019

Poland | Podmielowice | Injured cats

A cat with a broken leg is examined by a veterinarian before surgery.

A male cat with injured testicles.

We are taking the cat to the veterinary clinic in Starachowice.

We are informed about two injured cats that need help in the village Podmielowice. When we arrive, we find one animal with an open fracture of the hind leg and another with swollen testicles caused by injury. We are taking both cats to the veterinarian. After successful surgery both cats stay in the clinic.

A few days later we received the sad information that one of cat, the one with the broken leg, had to be euthanised due to his deteriorating health. The veterinarian suspects he could have had rabies. Unfortunately, the cat bit two people belonging to the clinic’s staff. Rabies is a very dangerous disease not only for animals, but also for humans. This is why people who have been bitten must get a vaccination to protect themselves.

Now, the clinic is waiting for the laboratory results of the cat's body that will confirm whether the cat was sick or not. Because both cats come from the same village the other must stay in the clinic for observation.

Addendum November 2019: 
Sadly, the second cat had to be euthanised as well, since his health deteriorated drastically a couple of weeks after the he was able to leave the clinic.