30. March 2022

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report March: Farm Animal Service

Rzepin: Our team checks on the teeth of a foal that stopped eating.

Rzepin: We are trimming the hooves of two stallions.

Wzdol: The horn is at risk of growing into the head of the animal. This can be very painful. Therefore, it needs to be shortened.

Bieliny: The pony is very calm during the trimming.

Bronkowice: Our team is looking after the hooves of this foal.

Stara Słupia: We are providing the farmer with an electric fence so that he can build a paddock for his animals.

In March, our FAS-team starts their work by visiting two farms in Rzepin. We want to check on a foal that stopped eating. We inspect the teeth but cannot find anything wrong with them.  However, we observe that the area around foal’s nose bone seems to be swollen. Moreover, his walk looks very stiff. We advise the owner to call a veterinarian. On the farm in Rzepin, we trim the hooves of two young stallions. They are well-trained so the trimming goes fast and easy.

Afterwards, we have an appointment on a farm in Trzeszkowice. Here, one of the young stallions seems to be having a neurological problem. We advise the owner to separate the stallion from the other horses and to call a veterinarian immediately. Next, our team is on their way to a farm in Wzdol. Here, a cow has a very long horn that needs to be shortened because there is a risk of the horn growing into the head of the animal. It is a quite challenging task, but our FAS-team is experienced and well-trained with these cases.    

Then, our team is driving to small farms in Jezow and Bieliny to trim the hooves of three ponies. Afterwards, we are visiting a farm in Bronkowice. Finally, the owner found someone to assist him whilst our farriers trim the hooves of his two foals.  

Our lasts visits are on two farms where the owners are interested in setting up paddocks for their animals. We provide them with electric fences so that their animals will soon be able to roam around outside after the paddocks have been set up.  

In total, our team visited 15 farms in March. We trimmed the hooves of 20 horses and shortened a horn of one cow. Additionally, we dewormed two horses and provided two farmers with electric fences to build paddocks for their animals.