31. August 2021

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly report August: Farm Animal Service

Rzepin. The horses are well trained and now. The trimming of the hooves’ goes efficient and fast.

Nowy Jawor. Previous stable door (March 2020).

Nowy Jawor. A new stable door has been installed (August 2021).

Sieradowcie. Our team is treating the infected skin of a horse with scabies.

Nowa Wies. Our team is trimming the claws of a limping cow.

This month, our Farm Animal Service (FAS) team starts their work by trimming the hooves of two young horses in Rzepin. Since the owner has been eagerly practising with his horses to pick up their legs, the trimming of the hooves goes very smoothly this time.

Next, our team is driving to Sniadka. There, a horse was diagnosed with scabies – a skin infection. Also, on the next farm in Sieradowice we find a horse with the same skin infection. In both cases, we treat the infected skin with a special liquid. Our team will return to both farms in the next couple of days to repeat the treatment. Afterwards, our FAS team is called to two farms in Grabkow and Nowa Wies. On both farms we find limping cows. In both cases, the limping is caused by their overgrown claws. Our farriers take care of the animals immediately so that they can walk without pain again. Later our team has an appointment in Nowy Jawor where the owner presents his new stable door. We are happy to see the improvement on his farm. As a reward for his good work, we trim the hooves of his horse.

Also, on a fam in Zlotniki we see improvements. The stable has been cleaned and the walls have been whitened. The owner is very proud of his work and of his young horse. As a reward for his commitment to animal welfare we offer free trimming for the hooves of his horse. 

In August, our team visited 20 farms in total. Our FAS team trimmed the hooves of 17 horses and the claws of six cows. Moreover, three horses were treated for skin infection.