28. February 2019

Poland | Swietokrzyskie | Monthly Report February: Farm Animal Service (FAS)

Czastkow. We trimm the hooves of a lame mare.

Niedospielin. We deworm the horses as a reward for cleaning the yard.

Wola Strzygielkowa. We treat the claws of a lame cow.

Our first visit at a farm in Paprocice. The stable is too dark and needs cleaning and refreshing.

Our FAS team still treats the canker in one of the hooves of a mare in Brody. This is one of the most difficult and demanding cases in our work. We change the treatment method yet again, and additionally draw the hoof profile to prepare special horse shoes with a plate to hold the dressing. This will improve the protection of the fragile and infected hoof sole. It will also make the changing of the dressing easier and faster.

There is another lame horse in Czastkow. The reason for the lameness is an abscess in one of front hooves. The abscess is quite big and painful. We apply a dressing on the problematic hoof and postpone the trimming of the other hooves until our next visit. Then, our farriers are called to a lame cow in Wola Strzygiełkowa. The overgrown claws are the reason of her lameness and after shortening them, the cow can walk without pain again. We educate the owner about the need of regular care. Next, we are going to Niedospielin to check if the owner cleaned the yard next to the stable. During our last visit the yard was full of metal scrap which poses a danger for free running animals. And indeed, he removed the metal scrap, and as a reward we deworm his three horses.

At a farm in Przybyslawice the owner is preparing to build new boxes in the barn. He has already ordered bricks to build a foundation which helps to reinforce the main walls in the building. In Porudzie, the owner tries to build a paddock, but bad weather interrupts his work. We decide to deworm his foal anyway.

In total, this month our farriers visited 10 farms, some of them a few times. They trimmed 1 cow and 21 horses. Also, they dewormed 6 horses. This month, we also welcome two new farms joining our FAS program that aims to improve living conditions for all animals in Polish villages. The farm in Lubenia is well maintained. The dog is running free, and horses are kept in boxes with a regular turn out. Just one of the stables needs some repair. The farm in Paprocice, however, is in an average condition. The stable is too dark, it needs cleaning and refreshing. And this is the first task the farmer is obliged to do. Soon, we will come back and check if it is done.