31. July 2017

Poland | Monthly report July | Voivodship Swietokrzyskie | Farm Animal Service

[Translate to English:] Ziegen sind keine häufigen Kunden unseres Teams.

[Translate to English:] In Gosciecin wurden die Pferde nun aus der Scheune in einen neuen, hellen Stall umgesiedelt.

[Translate to English:] Ein weiteres Beispiel eines gutgepflegten Stalles in Wzdol Rzadowy.

[Translate to English:] Zu kurze Hundeketten und eine erbärmliche Hütte sind immer noch oft zu sehen auf dem ländlichen Polen.

[Translate to English:] Einige lahmende Pferde brauchen die Hilfe unserer Hufschmiede im Juli.

[Translate to English:] Die häufigsten Gründe fürs Lahmen sind Abszesse in den Hufen.

[Translate to English:] Lahmende Kuh, welche auch die Hilfe unseres Teams benötigt.

[Translate to English:] Ein verstauchtes Gelenk ist der wahrscheinlichste Grund für das Lahmen in diesem Fall.

In July our farriers visited 25 farms. They trimmed hooves of 33 horses, several goats and claws of 3 cows. In most of the cases, our team was called to lame animals. In a few cases, the abscess was the reason of lameness. In one case, our farriers suspected joint injury. In the remaining cases, the lameness was caused by overgrown hooves.

The owners of three farms were reprimanded by our farriers because of too short dogs’ chains. They all promised to fix it. We will check them during next visit. In farm in Dabrowa, the owner was advised to clean the stable and to paint walls inside. Our team tried to convince him to build a paddock for the cows. 

Michal & Bogdan try to encourage farmers to build paddocks, every time. This month they sold two sets of an electric fence. We see a positive trend, especially among those who already built the paddock. After a few weeks they return to buy another set to enlarge existing one.

Our team noticed positive changes at a few farms: in Wzdol Rzadowy, where the horses are kept in a well-maintained stable in separate boxes; in Gosciecin, where the owner built a proper stable and moved his horses from a barn to the new building. Now the animals are kept in three large boxes. The farmer is going to build three more boxes in the near future. The new stable is bright with big windows and with automatic water system. He has also three hectares of meadow for his horses. In Starachowice, the farmer built new nice dog houses for his dogs. He is going to build a bigger kennel next year. It’s very satisfying to see all these good changes.