31. January 2021

Poland | Bodzentyn | Monthly Report January: Cattle and Horse Markets

Our team is inspecting the cattle market in Bodzentyn almost every week.

For more than a year no animal has been sold here.

Our team is investigating the cattle market in Bodzentyn. In January, we document more traders and animals than during the previous months. This circumstance is probably related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the government decided to support Polish farmers by temporarily suspending the entry fee to animal markets.

During our market inspection, the temperature is very low: -15˚. The animals are bought to the market and loaded into the lorries of old and new owners in a hurry. One bull is escaping from a vehicle and roams free all over the marketplace. It takes the owner of the bull a good couple of hours to catch him again. The fact that the surface of the marketplace is covered in snow and ice is no help in the process. We do not observe any injured or neglected animals.

Next, we are inspecting the horse market where we do not see a single horse. For over a year, there has not been a single animal sold here. It seems like the horse trade on the market in Bodzentyn is finally history.