31. August 2019

Poland | Bodzentyn, Lagow | Monthly Report August: Cattle & Horse Markets

We are verbally attacked by the trader who received a reprimand regarding the ban of tying cattle by the horns in the truck.

We observe a cow with over grown hooves at Bodzentyn cattle market.

The Italian trader is back on the horse market. This time he only buys older horses. The younger animals go back home. At Bodzentyn cattle market we also re-encounter a trader that left almost a year ago. The subsidy time ends and beside the big traders there are no people willing to buy cattle.

We observe that one trader ties the cows by their horns in his truck again. He was already reminded several times that there is a ban of tying cattle by their horns. We reprimand him once again. In response we are verbally attacked. The trader starts to shout that he does not care about the legislation. He assumes himself a practitioner an insists on doing what he wants. Unfortunately, the veterinary inspection is not present this time. Therefore, we decide to step back in order to de-escalate the situation.

In general, the animals on the market are in good shape. However, we notice two cows with overgrown hooves and one young bull with skin infection. The bull is not sold, and we advise the owner to treat the skin with special medicament.

All violations will be reported to competent authorities.