08. December 2016

Mexico | Guadalajara | 4th OIE Global Conference on Animal welfare

[Translate to English:] Konferenzeinführung

[Translate to English:] Präsentierte Ideen, zusammengefasst auf eine kreative Art

[Translate to English:] AWF-Eyes on Animals Poster

Together with Eyes on Animals we participated at the 4th OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare in Mexico, to present a poster about the on-going project to improve slaughterhouses in Turkey. Via communication and direct work, Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation bring the scientific knowledge and OIE standards and other guidelines to veterinarians, government officials, meat distributors and slaughterhouse workers in Turkey.

430 participants from more than 100 countries including delegates, veterinarians, NGO’s and different stakeholders, have participated on the conference and it was great opportunity to share our work.  The posters and presentations of the conference are available on the OIE website.

Following the conference, Member Countries are urged to integrate OIE standards in their national legislations. We will continue working on the improvement of animal welfare and the enforcement of the OIE standards.