28. January 2021

Brussels: Eurogroup for Animals launches White Paper on the Revision of the Transport Regulation

Source: Eurogroup for Animals

Yesterday, our partners in Brussels, the Eurogroup for Animals, presented their demands for the revision of the EU transport regulation. The revision of this EU law is a milestone in the history of animal welfare.

Our team was also present at the launch of the white paper - as support for technical questions. In advance, our teams supported the preparation of the white paper with our long-term research on EU live transports.

Summary of the key demands for the new regulation: 

  • Limitation of the maximum transport time to eight hours for adult animals
  • Limitation of the maximum transport time to four hours for weaned young animals, poultry and rabbits and end-of-career animals (such as "laying" hens and "milk" cows)
  • A transport ban for young animals that are still dependent on milk (unweaned animals)
  • A transport ban for pregnant animals if the pregnancy has advanced more than 40%
  • A transport ban for live exports outside EU borders 

To the white paper